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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

♥ A Good Heart ♥

Good morning everyone!

It's colder weather here in western PA but still no snow which in some ways is a good thing:)


I wanted to share with you some additions to my Pfaltzgraff dish collection and how it came to be. Christmas eve I worked till 5 then had to stop at Giant Eagle come home and get ready for church then dinner at Michele's. When I finally got home their was a package waiting for me on the kitchen counter and I just couldn't wait to open it:) Carolee from Autumn Mom had sent me these dishes...do you remember when I was having so much trouble receiving my comments? Well, by accident I found that I had to go to my dashboard to publish them, I had alot to publish and took me awhile to do it! I came to Carolee's... offering me these dishes that she thought I just started to collect and she had found these at her thrift store for $5.99...yes, I said $5.99!!! I looked at the date of her comment and said a little prayer that she still had them and the offer was still good, e-mailed her and was thrilled to know that I could still purchase them. When I got them I e-mailed her to tell her that they arrived safely and I would be sending out the payment plus shipping ( which was alot coming from Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada) her reply to my e-mail was this...

Consider it a Christmas gift. Someday when you are making yourself some small thing, make one for me! ;-)

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Blessings, Carolee

I think God sends angels out on Christmas eve, you sure are one!

As you can see there is a platter, dinner plate, dessert plate, small bowl and a creamer that you could easily use for a gravey boat if you had to:)
Here I have added the ones that I found at the flea market for $7.00 cup saucer and dessert plate! The prim bench they are on Michele gave me for Christmas...the lid opens and I'm going to put my craft stuff in it!

I have been trying to learn some functions on my new camara this is a shot from my diningroom I could never do this with my old one:0

I hope everyone has a wonderful day♥


  1. Hi there Rondell, what a nice story about the dishes.
    I have found there are more angels out there than we know...many, many of them on our Blogs!
    Great Christmas picture of your home.
    What kind of camera did you get? I'm sure if I read back further I'd find out...lol

  2. Hey Rondell,
    Can you message me when you have a free minute? I can't find your email address:)

  3. Great friend and great find! I have had those same dishes for years. When some break, I just jump over to eBay! But you didn't even have to pay shipping! Keep warm, Becky

  4. OOps, Rondell, Reread the post when I checked out Carolee's beautiful blog and realized she is "just a few" miles from you,so with shipping it was still worth it,What a nice gesture, Becky

  5. Rondell~Christmas is a season for surprises...and you are very deserving for a surprise!
    They look great...and what a steal!
    I love your home... so cozy and prim...I would love to just snuggle up on the sofa in front of the tv on a Sunday night watching Desperate Housewives! I'll be there this Sunday...save me a spot!

  6. Oh Rondell what a wonderful gift and what a wonderful friend! I collect those dishes, too, I just love them. I love that shot of your living room! I think I might hop in the car with Janene, Sunday and come on over and watch with ya! LOL!


  7. How sweet of her, i love that pattern!

  8. Rondell - Your additional dishes look so nice! Not sure if you're interested, but I found a canister set of your dishes at the thrift store awhile ago, and I've been hoping to find someone who would be interested in buying them. There are four of them - in excellent condition (except for one small chip) and I paid $30 for them. I live in UT so I don't know how much shipping would be. Let me know if you'd like a picture!

  9. What a wonderful surprise, Rondell! I have the other blue Pfaltsgraff dishes that were Simon's moms. I love them. Great pic of your home. Can't wait to see more pics you take with that new camera. May you have a wonderful New Year.


  10. I LOVE those dishes....what a great gift. I have been looking every time I go to the Thrift Store for some but no luck....I'll keep searching though.

  11. what a wonderful thing for her to do~that was really sweet! great pic with the new camera!

  12. I love your new bench. Your home is gorgeous. What a great gift to receive on Christmas Eve and from an angel.


  13. What a nice gift! Those dishes are great!!

  14. Rondell those dishes are just beautiful! I have 2 small pieces and use them every day. I'm so happy for you!

    Wishing you lots of joy and happiness in the coming year,

  15. Congrats on the Folk Art dishes! This is just one more thing we have in common. I love mine! I hope to add several pieces this coming year, now that Christmas is behind us.
    Love that bench too. I am so behind with my visiting. But glad that I saw this post.
    Happy New year rondell!

  16. That was such a sweet gesture. People in blogland are so nice aren't they?
    I love the red bench, and your room looks fantastic!
    Have a Happy New Year Rondell!


  17. Hi Rondell,
    I love your bench and the dishes. My MIL got me a set of country dishes years ago for Christmas and when she went to get me another set for my birthday...they had discontinued them. I looked for years at the Goodwill and finally a few years ago I started to find them. Just finished finding what I needed about a month ago. The hunt was long, but fun and so worth it in the end.
    Happy Hunting,

  18. Carolle is a sweetheart! I met her through my friend Kathy. They are very good friends. She has a wonderful heart.
    I can't wait to see what you do with your new camera!!

    Happy New year my prim friend!!
    hugs, Linda

  19. What a wonderful gift!

    All the best to you and your family in 2009.


  20. Hi Rondell,
    What a wonderful heart gift! I love those!! :)

    Happy New Year to ya!
    I wish you and your family losta of Happy blessings in the new year! I look forward to visiting you and getting you know ya even better! :)I'm happy I found ya!


  21. Hey there;

    After a very busy Christmas with kids coming home (we have six children 23-8 with one married), etc. I am finally catching up in blog land! ;-) My own blog is sadly neglected. I was so excited to see the pictures of where you put the dishes and happy to see such a great find get a loving home! LOL

    Have a GREAT New Year!

    Blessings, Carolee


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