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Sunday, December 14, 2008

♥ More Ornament Stories ♥

Good Sunday morning to you,
I've been working everday...my last day off was last Monday and my next day off is Friday, I have no idea how I'm going to get everything done but I'm really trying not to panic. I know some way some how it will get done:) My tree still doesn't have the star on top I just haven't had the time to look for it.LOL After working yesterday Stush and I went to Michele's to watch the girls while they went to her boss's Christmas party, the girls were so excited and it took a while to get them asleep but finally that happened and Stush and I watched It's a Wonderful Life...that movie sure puts things in perspective doesn't it?
So today I thought I'd show the rest of my special ornaments...this is one Nick made from a baby jar lid, it has a picture of presents under the tree cut from a Christmas card...Nick is now 36 years old:) This one is Michael's he made this one in school and it is so fragile, made from clay I think and painted. This one always makes me nervous that it will some how get broken...he made it in 1st grade, I think, and always looks for it on the tree...now he is a teacher:)
Chris made this one when he was about 14, it's the yellow submarine, we were all going thur the divorce then so I figure this was good therapy for him...he's now 28.

This is what's left of my childhood how it has survived I'll never know.lol I keep it with my Christmas ornaments and hang it on the tree. I was really little maybe Samantha's age when I got the dish set for Christmas with Bo Peep on it... gee, now they are plastic with the Princess's on them, probably safer though:)

I always get at least one new ornament each year this year Michele bought me one...Ralphie...my favorite Christmas movie♥

Have a great day and think of me while I'm working from 11 to 4:30, I don't mind really, so far people have been really nice and patient the lines do get long at certain times of the day. One lady came thur my line with 76.00 worth of baskets...she said she had alot of relatives:) Oh, well at least she thought of them!


  1. Rondell, I can so relate to you right now.
    I always was so on top of things but my business has taken off so great and the past couple years and so it puts me so far behind with the things I so enjoy here!
    But I try and take it one day at a time and that makes less stress.
    I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to get things EXACT! No one else would know but us, right?
    Everything you have done so far is beautiful.

    We still haven't gotten our decorations up - going to do that today. The only thing we have is the tree, stairway and mantel left from the home show....need much more.

    Good luck kiddo!

  2. the one that are wrapped up in memories are the most lovely of all.

  3. I love seeing other people's ornaments! Your Ralphie one is great - one of my favorite movies too!

  4. thanks for sharing the ornament pics and the stories behind them~i enjoyed reading about them~have a blessed day!

  5. Such sweet ornaments, Rondell... lots of memories too, I'll bet.

    I hope you find time to get everything done. I'm starting to have that same feeling as well. But the important things will get done and the rest can keep.

    I'm glad you relaxed last night and enjoyed watching a movie when the kiddos went to bed.

  6. Good Morning Rondell~
    I love seeing your ornaments and you telling us the story behind each one!
    Have a good day at work and try to relax and have some "You" time when you get home!

  7. i love all the ornies!!
    i have a "special" box that i bubble wrap each year in between christmases so that nothing gets broke. i am scared to even put some of them on the tree because of the nibby cats we have. lol
    i bought both of my girls a new ornament this year. sam(samantha) is a long way from home and this is her first christmas without us. i bought her a set of angel wings that is going in her package. i think i will start buying them a new ornament every year. :)

  8. What wonderful memories everytime you look at each ornament! Hey you have been tagged by me stop on over to my blog and check it out! Hugs! ~Beth~

  9. How sweet your ornaments are & what special memories. Love your new one, too of Ralphie. Glad work is going OK.


  10. love the christmas story lunchbox...that is our favorite movie too...having some friends from church over on the 22nd and in our pjs to watch this...can't wait...have a great sunday..hope your day went by fast...:)

  11. Enjoyed seeing your "special" ornaments. I, too, have the ones from when my children were little. I make sure I hang them very securely because they are so special.

  12. Hi Rondell, aren't we all in the same boat...trying to get everything done? I haven't started shopping yet....but my kids are coming home from college today so I am doing a lot of baking...yipppeeee....very happy at the moment. Listen...have a lovely week and do the most important things first...cross off the least important...and then pray like crazy! hahaha

  13. Love your oranaments Rondell....Try not to get too stressed out...I know it is hard because I am the same way!!! Take it easy!!

  14. Your ornaments are so pretty with such good memories for you too!!

  15. Hi Rondell,
    I know how you feel. Even though I'm not working outside of home... but with being sick after Thanksgiving and what orders for the business that needed taken care of....I feel so far behind. I got all my decorating done a few days ago, but gave up on decorating the family room in the basement. Still have some shopping to do, some gifts to make, and my baking cookies& candy.
    I decided to simiply some of what I do, so that I won't be so stressed this year. I agree with Karen, no one else will know but us.
    Glad the job is going well. I wish you the best in getting everything else done that you want to. I love everything you have done so far and have so enjoyed the stories behind your ornaments.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. beautiful post - I loved hearing your ornament stories, gives it all so much more meaning doesnt it?(rather than just shop bought)

  17. I love all the ornaments Rondell. Lots of great memories.

    Jennifer :)

  18. Rondell-Thanks for stopping by. I love that I am not the only one with a hubby who doesn't read directions. Its been 17 years for us so you know how that is. I had to do alittle antiqueing during the whole ordeal. Found some treasures and all at 20% off.
    Your ornaments are great, I still have a box of salt dough ornaments my mom and us kids made when we were little. I knew then she was talented hers our perfect and all painted just so. Find time for yourself this week and maybe make a new tradition of the star being put on the tree Christmas Eve. (Gives you more time to look and no one will know the real reason LOL)

  19. Don't stress, it all gets done somehow? I love that little old coffee pot ornament, too cute! The house looks great, slow down and enjoy the season some! :)

  20. I just loved reading about the history of your ornaments. How sweet that each one has a memory attached!

    One of my favorites is a black construction paper square with 2 holes punched in it. My oldest made it in preschool and was so proud of it that we've hung it on the tree every year! I laugh every time I take it out of the box.

    Don't worry ~ you'll get done what NEEDS to be done and then you'll just enjoy the season. You're right, that movie sure puts things in perspective really quickly!

    Christmas blessings,

  21. I LOVE RALPHIE! We just watched that movie the other night- My husband had never seen it! Can you imagine! Now it's his fave! What a sad child he must have been without A Christmas Story!

  22. Love the stories behind the ornaments!!

    With my dental surgery, and this storm, I am now officially way behind so I am cutting back - and not going to stress!

  23. Thanks ROndell!

    I LOVE that picture on my side bar. Everytime I walk by our bedroom (which is often because I go past it to come in here) I love seeing how my Whale Shelf looks with them on it so THANK YOU for being my swap partner!!

  24. Very neat ornies and I love the stories behind them.

    I hope Friday will get here fast for you.

    Have a great week!

  25. Hi Rondell,
    I just love all your special ornaments! Thanks for sharing them.
    I am starting to stress too...for some reason, it just comes as part of the 'holiday package' for me ;)
    try as I might, not to stress...I always do!
    Somehow, everything seems to fall into place tho...and 9 times outta 10...I got all stressed for nothin'! :)

    Have a wonderful evening!

    hugs to ya!

  26. I love your ornaments, especially the yellow submarine...that was one of my favorite songs as a child! "We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine"...sorry...I just had to sing!


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