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Sunday, December 7, 2008

♥ I Had Every Intention and a Great Giveaway ♥

of putting the lights on the tree and decorating it today since I'm off today and tomorrow, then I realized today was Alex's Christmas play at church so that was that! After the play we went to the Dollar Tree because I wanted to pick up a few things...when you work there you can only shop for yourself before work or after and I never feel like doing that so I did get some things that I've rang up and made a mental to buy. I can't believe it's December 7th and my tree still isn't done:) I'm usually one of the first. Now the Steeler game is on and I can't decorate it because it is right next to the TV:( Stush and I went to the boaters Christmas party last night and it was snowing and so cold...this is what we woke up to this morning. We also had a nice time and we both had baked lasagna so good!
Here's Alex...the star of the play so cute, she has green antlers on that I didn't get in the picture.

This is St. Nicholas giving her a gift and he is actually a man from church...when she went up to him she put her little hands on her chest and said " Do you know my name? It's Alexandra" So innocent and so cute, Stush and I had a good chuckle over it.

She had a great time during the play and knew all her songs her favorite is Rudolph

Oh the old fireplace insert...as you can see it's in, I don't know ladies if I'm going to like it or not. As I'm typing this Stush is building a fire in it.

Now on to good things ... Janene of Primitive Lifestyle is having a giveaway and the drawing will be held the day after her 50th post, I love snowmen and would just adore having the picture of them also the rag balls and those cute candy canes♥

The rusty snow ornament is cute too, so stop over at the Primitive Lifestyle and read all about it.
I know at least two of you have left me an award...what with being sick and working I have forgot who did I'll have to go back to one of my older posts because I think one of you did leave me a comment about it. Please know that I didn't ignore you just was to much going on especially this time of year.:)
Have a great , warm evening everyone...now after I close here I'm going to take a pic of the fire Stush has going:)


  1. Samantha looks oh so pretty for the play. Glad you have a couple of days off so you can get your tree decorated. I still don't have my real one up in the living room. This week I'll get it. Enjoy your evening.

    ~ Pam

  2. Don't worry. You'll love your fireplace insert. My inlaws had one and it's much cleaner than just the fireplace and I think it generates a more even heat. Doesn't have those cold drafts.

    The Texas Woman

  3. Hi Rondell~ I hope you are feeling better.

    I am just out trying to catch up on everyone's blogs....I am WAY behind! Hope you have a great evening.....

  4. Thanks Rondell for posting my giveaway!
    I will be sure to enter your name twice~Good Luck!
    Your granddaughter is absolutely georgeous! I love the picture with St. Nicholas...priceless!

  5. So glad you got to go to a party and have a good time - you've been working so hard!! Looking forward to seeing the tree done.

    Alex is so pretty!! She looks darling!

  6. Alexandra is so pretty,
    I love your fireplace.

  7. Alex is such a cutie!! I love fireplaces - hope yours kept you warm & cozy!

  8. Alex is such a pretty thing. I know you are a proud grandma!! I really think you'll like your insert. I know you'll like the warmth and from the looks of the snow it will feel good right now. It's even cold here in Alabama!

  9. Hi Rondell,
    I think you will end up liking your fireplace insert. They do an amazing job of heating a home. We used to have one when we lived in the country.
    Give yourself a break on the tree decorating and shopping...If I remember right you have been sick and are a working girl now! It takes time to adjust.
    Alex is adorable Rondell-So cute with Santa!
    Have a great week,

  10. Morning Rondell....well, first let me say your Alex looks like a little Princess! She's just beautiful.

    Secondly - is your tree real or imitation...looks beautiful whatever it is....so nice and full.

    Thirdly....I WANT THE GIVE AWAY - serioursly....it will work just beautifully where I can picture it all going! lol What a generous give a-way!

    Lastly - the insert....we have talked about one but I just can't put a YES to getting one...I still like to see the inside of the fireplace and love the black Colonial screen in front...how long have you had it???? Does it work great? We hardly ever burn our fireplace because it just draws all the heat up and out and it's also gas so there goes the $$$$$'s


  11. Hey girl...hope you are feeling better today...plug up those tree lights...that'll put a smile on your face! That little Alex is adorable! The insert looks great and my cousin has had one for years and she loves it! Thanks for coming by and I do hope you get to feeling better!

  12. What a beautiful little grandaughter you have! Although all of them are! I know you both must be so proud of them.
    Maybe you will be able to get your tree decorated today?
    In any case, I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. May the rest of the season be good and healthy for all of you.
    Have a great week!

  13. Hi Rondell!
    Alex is such a pretty/sweet lil' thing!
    Her smile just 'lights ya up'! :)
    I love your fireplace insert! It makes things so cozy...I hope ya enjoy it!
    I can't wait to see your tree all done up!

    Have a wonderful Monday

    Holiday hugs,

  14. I think you will find a way to Prim up your fireplace area. It will work out..it's just not what you had and you're not used to it :)

    My Mom works in the mall...has for years and if you ask her, she NEVER shops there! LOL She doesn't leave Kay's and when she comes and goes when she's leaving, most places are closed.She hates the mall because she's there all of the time. So I totally get why you just want to get out of work instead of shopping :)

    You'll get that tree decorated...I know you will!

    Have a great day!


  15. Hey Rondell, cute cute photos of your granddaughter...oh to be a kid again at christmas time.....take care..
    Gina :)

  16. Alex is adorable! What a darling little girl! Don't worry about your tree - you'll get around to it! Still no snow here yet - you're getting all there!
    Share some with us southerners!

  17. You're not the only one with and undecorated tree... we don't even have ours yet! Hopefully this weekend.
    Your little grand~daughter is the cutest little green antlered reindeer I've ever seen and don't you just love that childhood innocence?
    I hope you like your fireplace insert. We put a wood stove in ours a couple of years ago and I must say I like it much better than the open fireplace for heat.
    Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

  18. What a gorgeous little girl. Looks like she has TONS of hair. Your tree looks perfect, is it real or artificial. Looks real to me.

  19. I'm glad you're feeling a little better...getting out and partying helps. lol! I love lasagna!
    Alex looks so pretty...so sweet.
    Can't wait to see your tree decorated.

  20. I love your blog header photo--that crow is great. How fun to go to your granddaughter's play--it's what Christmas is all about. Julie


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