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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

♥ Whatcha Working on Wednesday ♥

Nothing fantastic...I had bought this placemat at the Dollar Tree, white with a black trim...of course it caught my eye! I finally coffee and vanilla dyed it, over night, dryed it in the dryer and ironed it. I needed something for my diningroom table for under the centerpiece I threw together:) An old wooden bowl with the patriotic pears I had won...greenery from the Dollar Tree and Dollar General and the snowman that I already had:) With working this is what I came up with...easy to remove when you have to and small enough to just leave it where it is. Like I said nothing fantastic but I least I can cross something off my to do list:)
Shelly from Building a Log Cabin had a recent post on her Christmas ornaments and I thought I'd follow and show some of mine.
My favorite...I found this Barbie ornament at Hallmark about several years ago, when you open it up it shows the first Barbie exactly like the one I had. She had black hair made of thread, I'll never forget her nor watching the black & white commercial of her and wanting her for Christmas:) I think I was about 9 or10, I woke up Christmas morning to her and her clothes and also a Barbie case!

My case was black though...funny how you remember all the details♥

Most memorable...Michele made this at the borough building, they had a class for kids and she did this... put a plastic baby in blue pj's in a little plastic cup and said it was Chris who was a baby at that time. It always has a place on my tree♥

The Oldest...these are from my grandmother who I never got to know, my mom's mother who passed away early in life at 47 from a cerebral hemorage, my mom named me after her:) I have about six more of the red tear drop ornaments scattered around the tree.

This is a new catagory I'm adding:
One's that bring tears to your eyes...I remember my mom buying this at a craft show, it's made from plastic canvas and is a knitting basket. See the balls of yarn and the knitting needles?

Mom always bought me an ornament every year and this clip on white dove is one of them:)

I'll show more tomorrow right now I have to get ready for work, I hope you all have a happy day♥
Don't forget to stop by Leslie's to see more Whatcha Working on Wednesday's...I'll add my name to her Mr. Linky when I get home later this evening.


  1. I loved seeing all your ornaments - the knitting basket is precious! And what a legacy to have those red teardrop ornaments from your grandmother!

  2. This is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed browsing through it some. Your tree looks great. I like how your placemat came out. This is also my first time to link with Leslie in Whatch working on Wednesday. What fun!

  3. Very sweet:) I love the Barbie ornament..I was BIG on Barbie growing up and always wanted one of the first ones in the case like that. The others you shared are wonderful too..aren't those special ones the best? Your centerpiece looks great too! Have a good day! <3Lauren

  4. I love the towel. Do you just add the vanilla to the coffee? I coffee dyed something yesterday and it sure would have smelled better if I used vanilla, too. Thanks for the idea. Loved all your ornaments, too. What great keepsakes. Have a great day. Julie

  5. Your centerpiece looks great. I need to go shopping for bargains with a different "eye". Take me with you next time. Don't you love the memories that are associated with the ornaments? Love this time of year.

  6. How fun...it's nice to see everyone's favorite ornaments from Christmases past!

  7. What a simple yet perfectly colonial piece for the table and it looks great with your pears. I have loved those since the day you first showed them!!

  8. Your goodies look great on the newly dyed placemat!

    I enjoyed looking at your special ornaments, too.

  9. Hi Rondell, I'm here in Greensburg. Love your blog! No ice skates turned in, I was going to update that, so we had to go get new ones in time for the game. Not very happy with that boy! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to reading more of yours.
    Jen :)

  10. Rondell~It's wonderful how many memories are tied up in our Christmas ornaments.
    My mom always gave us an ornament each year for Christmas...And I do the same for my kids!
    I love tradition!
    Have a great day today

  11. What great ornaments you shared Rondell! Love the Barbie one!
    I am always buying something from Dollar General or Dollar Tree and "sprucing it up!" The placemat is great!

  12. I enjoyed it all, lovely ornaments! And your home is just perfect for Christmas!

  13. I just LOVE the Dollar Store for things like that, Rondell! Your primmed placemat looks just right. And those ornaments are truly something special...

  14. Rondell, I love your centerpiece. You come up with the best, simplest ideas. Your ornaments are really special. I hope you are enjoying your job. I imagine it's starting to get busy. Have a great evening.


  15. Love all your ornaments...thanks for sharing. Also your table centerpiece looks great. Love the idea for the cloth under the bowl.
    Such great ideas :)

    Have yourself a wonderful evening.


  16. Love your center piece, Rondell!
    Enjoyed seeing your ornaments too- they are all special!

    have a nice evening.

    hugs, Kath

  17. What an interesting post...love your tree and all the special ornaments, and may I say you made a beautiful center piece out of very inexpensive items and you would never know it.
    Great job.

  18. Taking out the ornaments every year always bring back special memories of special times or people. I love those red ones ornaments that belonged to your grandma - very precious. I remember that barbie case and mine was black as well.

    Hugs - karen


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