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Friday, October 31, 2008

~Happy Halloween~

Hi everyone...I just wanted to stop in for a bit to wish you all a safe Halloween and a good time with friends and family:0 Stush and I are going to a Halloween party tonight and tomorrow night so we will be busy!
Yesterday I went, with Michele, to Samantha's preschool party and I promised her that I would put pictures of her on Grammy's blog...so here they are:) See Linda and Wendy, this is what you will be doing soon, I bet you can't wait.:)
Here's Sam playing the game of pass the pumpkin...notice the tongue, such concentration!!!

The parade outside of the school and Sam walking with the teacher because she started to cry because she thought we had left, we were there the whole time.lol

Today I've been painting something for the bedroom, I'll show it this Wednesday coming, because it was 60 here today so I'm trying to get it done before it turns really cold again. Plus still working on my Christmas things:) Oh, I did buy my first roll of Christmas wrapping paper today at the Dollar Tree I also dropped off my application for a job there...so we will see!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

~Putzing Around Today~

Do you putz around with your decorating? I do and that's what I call it or maybe it's a Pennsylvania word I don't know:) Anyway it's fun...I started out finally hanging this tin, pineapple towel holder that I found at the flea market for .50, I gave it a fresh coat of black paint and it was good to go:) The towel is black homspun and goes great in the bath.This towel I won from Mary's giveaway and I hung it in my entryway on a twig chair rung and a candle:)
I put the ladder that my daughter and I traded in from outside in my Americana guest bedroom with a star light on it.

Here are the pumpkins that the girls did and wanted me to put the pic on my blog...Samantha's is on the left and Sydney's is on the right:) Your probably wondering why I hardly show pictures of Alex my son's daughter, she was supposed to be with us on trick or treat day but she was sick, they live about 30 miles from us and they both work so I'm sure you understand how it is, I just feel bad sometimes that I don't get to see her alot like I do my daughters girls. Alex is a sweet little thing:)

Well, that's it lady's...I'll be back tomorrow for Whatcha Working on Wednesday:)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

~Fleamarket and Trick or Treat~

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday...my day was started off with saying goodbye to Stush , his daughter and boyfriend, they were off to the Steeler game today. Me? I was off to the fleamarket, I'd rather go there.LOL It turned out to be a beautiful day for both, a little breezy but sunny:)
This is what I got and as you can see it's a start of a new collection of Pfallzgraff and I'm excited!
I've always wanted this set ever since I saw
Linda's at Behind My Red Door! I got the cup, saucer and dessert dish for $7.00. The lady who was selling these plus the barnwood birdhouse was so nice, I stood there trying to make up my mind which one to purchase, the birdhouse was $8.00 both fair prices I thought. She had more birdhouses there and also two more sets of the Pfallzgraff but couldn't afford both... so she gave me both for $12.00, I got the birdhouse for $5.00:) What a nice person she was, I always like to meet people like that. I also found a hogscraper for $3.00 couldn't beat the price:) Saturday was the Halloween parade...this is the start of it with my old highschool band:) They had raincoats on but it had stopped raining.
Samantha as a ballarina:)

Sydney as Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz:)

There first house.

We are all wondering if Sydney will ever get teeth:) Chris said he can't remember her with them:) Poor thing she has such a time chewing.

The End

I wanted to show you these trees, I bet they are close to 100 years old, they are on a corner and to the right of them used to be my grade school, torn down, a house sits there now. I remember getting off the school bus right by the trees and hearing the scrunching of the leaves as you walked to school. I went there from kindergarden to 6th grade alot of good memories...just wanted to share:)
Well, the kids just called they want me to come down, they are carving pumpkins:)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

~Tagged, Two Giveaways, Awards and My Friday Night~

Hi everyone, I hope your having a great weekend:) It's a bleak, gray day here in PA but it did turn out a little better for my daughter's town's Halloween parade and trick or treating!
Now as you know for the past couple days I was in a funk and just didn't feel like doing anything and during those days I was tagged and given awards plus the fabulous giveaways were being posted and I just didn't get to post them, I also want you to know that I hate when I get that way...thanks you all for helping me get out of that mood.lol So now I want to get everything posted and thank you so here goes!
This award was given to me by two of the sweetest bloggers
Ginger from Primitives By the Light of the Moon and Kathy from Rugs of Mine...In Time. Thank you so much for thinking of me I truley appreciate it. You must pass it on to 6 more but as you can see I'd be here till midnight trying especially with the tagging too, so I want YOU to have this award...you are all special in my books:) Ginger and Kathy...I'll add your names to the award picture at the bottom left of my blog.
Now on to these wonderful giveaways!!!
Look at this toaster cover, I love it and it would look so neat and prim on my kitchen counter. ;) Stop by for a visit at
Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch her daughter is turning 21 and will be pulling the winner's name on November 1st!!!
Everything in this giveaway says FALL doesn't it? Just love it and the pumpkin would look great on my mantel...I can dream can't I? lol Lisa at Cranberry Flats is pulling this one tonight so hurry on over ladies!

I have been tagged by Sue at Country Pleasures, I haven't been tagged for a while so here goes, I hope I don't repeat myself, if I do forgive me! I have to list 7 random things about myself:

1. I love Italian food and garlic bread, especially spaghetti!
2. I used to hate to go into a fabric store when I was a teenager (mom sewed my clothes):)
3. I wear socks all winter long either white or black never patterned.
4. Went back to my original hair color last month but now I have the highlights again...found out
that the gray growing in shows up really bad and with highlights it doesn't.
5. My ex and I don't speak and I don't want to!!!
6. I drive a red Hyundi with sun roof.
7. I picked up an application for the Dollar Tree yesterday:)
I hope I didn't bore you to death:) I'm supposed to pick 6, I think, but I'm letting this go for anyone who wants to join in!

Stush's daughter and boyfriend came in yesterday from Winston-Salem, NC and we went out to dinner, this is Jennifer and Jeremy...I think he's the one ladies:)

Stush and I...if you have ever wonderd about his name...he is Polish and Stush is Polish for the name Stanley he was born in West Germany and came to the US when he was 18 months old, so glad he did:)

We met our friends while there and this is me and my friend Betty I've know her since 7th grade, such a wonderful person and so laid back! Her and her husband Todd have went together since 7th grade a great marriage.

Notice I have my turtleneck on...I live in these in the winter:)
I hope I got all names right, if I didn't forgive me...I'll post tomorrow about the kids I have to get ready to go eat Italian tonight at LeEda's:)

Friday, October 24, 2008

~TGIF and a From the Heart Thanks~

Hi everyone! I'm feeling a little better or I guess I should say in a better mood.:) I knew it was coming, the get a job thing, I just didn't want it. Soooo Monday I'm going to call Career Link and see if they can help me find a job to help out around here, who knows I may like it, I've worked before and I do like my own pay check.
I've been busy working on some gift things so I can't show them and while I had the coffee stain out I decided to stain this that I had done years ago and never stained it. Looks so much better:) I also put it in another frame and distressed it!

I'd also like to thank all of you sweet kind blogging friends out there that stopped and took time to leave a comment on my last post, I know there are worse things out there but when it happens you feel like you are the only one, each one of you touched my heart and now I know I'm not the only one that this terrible economy has effected...bless you for being such good friends and keeping me in your prayers.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

~Salt Box Stitchery & Word Decorating~

Well, I have finally got on here, I've tried to post this since yesterday and something always came up, hopefully I can finish this:)
This is a saltbox stitchery that I told Winterwood I would post today, she is doing the same one, can you see my crow? lol I also love the willow trees! I have this in my keepingroom.
Tammy from Country Girl at Home had did a post on Decorating with Words so after reading her post I walked around with my camara and started to take some pictures and really didn't realize how many signs I had, I didn't take any really of my samplers because this post would have been really long with pictures:)
This is above my front door in the entryway, I bought it years ago in Indiana, PA.

This I bought from ebay a while back!

This block sign I bought at Barbera's Country store in Greensburg.

This is in my keeping room I've had this for years too and got it at a craft show.

Also in keeping room!

This one says it all:)

This one is above my door to the garage from the kitchen another craft show purchase.

The next two I bought at the flea market.

On a bench in my kitchen, my collection of wooden spoons, I never tire of them and the grandaughters love to play with them.

I have this in the diningroom and my header on my blog is also in the diningroom.

Above the TV.

On my desk.

Above my mantel.

Even on the fireplace and I know I've missed more if you want to count wooden boxes!

I've been tagged so I'll save that for tomorrow. It's is freezing here, only 53 in PA and raining off and on, the leaves are blowing all over, I've been lighting little lamps and candles in the evening, I guess winter isn't to far off:)

Have a great evening!

Friday, October 17, 2008

~How to Signature and 6 Things That Make Me Happy~

Happy Friday!
I was blog hopping again and I stopped by Picket's Place and Dot gave out this award to anyone who wanted to except it and to tell 6 things that make you happy:) I think I'm the only one so far that has excepted an award all by myself,lol at least I think so, correct me if I'm wrong! Stop over for a visit at Dot's and see what makes her happy:) Okay, here goes:
1. My three little grandaughters...what more can I say, love when they call me Grammy:)

2. Stush...I've known him since I was 13 and him 14,we went our seperate ways and met again after 32 years. God brought us together and I thank Him everyday for it! Stush also has the warmest hands ever, love when he holds my hand.

3. Watching my children succeed in all they do, they have made me proud so many times:)

4. Going to a great prim craft show or store!

5. Decorating for anything.lol

6. I also love to sit at night and just have the Christmas tree lights on while working on a project while Stush watches TV.

Of course there are more things and events that make me happy but we only had to do 6! If anyone would like to do this please do, I love to know what makes you happy!


Last night I was fooling around on the computer and found out how to do a "signature", some of you wanted to know how to do it...it's very simple so here is the link http://mylivesignature.com/ have fun with it:) Also Wendy let me know that you can click on my signature and it will take you to the web site, thanks Wendy:)

Here also are two pictures that I always forget to post...I found this cute scarecrow at the Goodwill for $1.59 so he is snuggled in the cornstalks at the end of the driveway. I've been looking for something prim to put on the back of my stove ever since we bought it, it's been hard because there isn't to much room and whatever I did put there had the chance of falling down behind the stove especially when you would shut the oven door. While at the Crafter's Showcase I found this and it fits perfectly and can't fit down behind, neat huh?

I hope everyone has a great weekend, take time for yourself and do what makes you HAPPY!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

~Just Fooling Around~

With my computer that is:) I've also been reading blogs, honestly I don't know what I do without this thing. I know if my mother and dad were alive they would just be amazed:) Also amazed that I'm doing it too. lol
I've learned how to do this:
Have a wonderful night!

~Gobble Gooble Giveaway~

Hi all!
Just got back from getting groceries, what a chore that is, anyway Terrie from Thistle House Primitives is giving away this neat pillow for Thanksgiving decorating:) Let's admit it, there isn't to much besides pumpkins , cornstalks and turkeys to decorate with for Thanksgiving so I just think this would be so nice to tuck next to those pumpkins:)So neat! Stop by to leave a comment by November 3rd and if you post it on your blog you get entered twice:) Have a wonderful day....the leaves are just blowing all over today!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Actually I've been working on this room since spring. lol Just doing a little bit here and there, and I'm still not finished. Today I'm painting something to go on one wall so maybe I'll show that next Wednesday. You can see the room before it was painted, Stush painted... I didn't:)
So today I finished my curtains...they are made out of black ticking (heavy fabric) then I added black trim that I bought at JoAnn Fabric, the rusty stars I had already! I had to close the blinds because the sun was shining and the pics weren't turning out to good.

Did I sew them? No, I used a staple gun and tacky glue:) Stush has been out of work since March and buying curtains is just out of the question right now so.....when life hands you lemons you make lemonade! They will do until I can get others but right now I'm really liking them, I wanted this type of curtain since they came out which would have cost me oh, about $80.00, my way I figure I spent $6.00 on both windows...not bad not bad at all:)

I'll show you some pics of how I decorated it...this side is by the double window, the hanging candle light I got in West Virginia, that's the mirror I redid a while back.

The headboard I painted black...the barn red checked pillowcases I found at Goodwill for a $1.00 a piece. The sampler pillowcase I bought at Gabes (discount store) I can't remember how much I paid for it but it's by Ralph Lauren. The sweet simplicity pillow I bought from the lady I always by from at the Crafters Showcase!

This is above my bed!

These are pictures of my grandaughters and me taken at Chuckie Cheese...I still have to get one of Samantha and me, I framed them with frames that I picked up for a dollar.

The nightstand I painted black also it was once white, painted the lamp black too! I tell you I'm dangerous with a can of black spray paint:) My old suitcases and my pennyrug on the rocker.

The other side of the room...the barn red wooden plate to the left on the bench I got from Goodwill for a $1.00 it was from Ikea and I painted it and added the star in the middle

Thought I'd show you my cupboard doors which I love they look brand new don't they? They have been there since 1983! Just goes to show paint can make anything look brandnew;0
Well, I have to go check on my paint job outside, they are calling for rain so I keep checking the sky... Stush will have to help me carry it back into the garage:)

Have a great day!
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