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Saturday, February 28, 2009

~The Country Store and GW~

Hello everyone...I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! I'm going rollerskating this afternoon so I thought I'd get this post on here before I have to get ready:)
Yesterday Stush got a call to drive cars for a auto auction, he usually does this on Fridays so I thought I'd head out to The Country Store and Goodwill. I pulled in and happened to have my camara with me so I took a pic of the store for you. Now when I mention it again you will have an idea of where I go:) Beautiful things inside but I love the very back room because that room holds all of the 50% off items!!! Here is what I found to bring home with me...loved the date on it, it feels like it's made out of wood but I know it isn't. I figured I could use it to put spring flowers in soon, real soon I hope:) I think I paid about $7.00 for it.
Loved this spring wreath...I actually think it is a large candle ring but I'm using it for my front door, it's so pretty and so was the price, $4.00!

I've always wanted one of these...a grunged up candle that you can put in any holder that you have and put it where you want...it uses a battery, there were only a three left so I thought I better grab one. Last night I put it on my mantle and it looked great there:) I always have a wonderful, prim time there just looking around, it's nothing like the Rusty Angel but then again the Rusty Angel doesn't have a 50% off room.lol

I have been working on this for the last two days and finally finished it, I stuffed it with rags and added a black, checked homespun back to it.


I stopped at Goodwill but that place had nothing and to me it's getting expensive, I found some wool blazers that I could have bought but they wanted $4.99 a piece for them...just to much for me.
I did find this basket for $1.99 which again I thought was to much but I liked it and I know if I didn't get it someone would have bought it, not flimsey at all and I like the high handle on it:)

Here is a closer pic of it!

I had found this little wood candleholder a week or so ago and put it back on the shelf...it was still there so for .49 I figured I'd get it and prim it up somehow:0

Well that's all for now guys...the sun is out but it's cold out today, we did have two days of temps in the 50's and I so enjoyed going out with just a light weight jacket on yesterday:)
Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Hi ....
this is what I've been working on today, I painted him dark brown, at first I didn't care for him at all but now I think he's growing on me.lol I painted him, now what do I do with him? Anyone know? I hate to take another step and ruin him so please leave me comments on what to do next:) He does look like he's made out of chocolate doesn't he? The tail was the hardest part to paint or I should say the tidiest part. This pic below is for Lisa from Primitives From Above, she asked me what other prims I had placed around my wooden wagon wheel because she to had one and was having trouble finding a place for it, I paid $5.00 for it at the Meadows Antique Fair years ago:) I've always kept and loved it:)
That's about all I've been doing today besides vacuming and washing a couple loads of clothes just been a lazy sort of day...I have millions of things I could do or make but I guess I'm just not in the mood:)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~This and That Tuesday~

Well, the weekend was a good one for me, Saturday I went to GW but nothing there...that wasn't so good but I did stop at JoAnn's and found the CS special issue! Looks like I'll be buying it there because they do get it alot quicker than Walmart.

I've so enjoyed looking and reading about Linda Silvas home, I've been a big fan of her home for a while even before we started blogging:) I'd always go to her webshots then was thrilled when I found out she had a blog:) I really liked how she explained not to use so many small things and that to look for the "wow" and use a large object then a few smalls.

I watched the girls this morning and there is a half hour after I take Syd to the bus before I have to dress Sam for preschool so I redid Michele's shelves, taking away all the smalls and making a completely different look to it and dusted for her, gave me some play time:)

Also in the mail that day came the spring Mercantile Gatherings magazine, Linda Rudman's home is shown and oh I just loved how they framed the pictures of her home, of course I've just poured over it:)
Also in the mail came a wonderful box of goodies from the swap we had at Angie's. My swap partner was Toni ...look at the cute card she made and it included a sweet note too:) Toni, how did you know I needed a new spring magnetic tablet for my fridge? Love the pen too with the cross and the little note book kit to do with scrap paper. I'm almost afraid to try it because I've never worked with paper before:) Thanks you so much Toni, I'm really going to enjoy this:)
Then Friday Sue sent the cupcake calender that I won from her blog, the cupcakes are just beautiful the girls will love it Sue...thanks so much!

I did manage to take down the Americana sign that I had under my kitchen cabinets and put this stitchery there instead...no I didn't do this one, I won it on ebay a few years ago.

I printed off this German Easter rabbit over at Dame Penniwig's , we got a new printer and it is wonderful for things like this...the paper is creme BTW:) I think it will really add to my spring stuff this year, thanks !

That's about all I've been up to lately just waiting for spring to show it's face...oh I do have these updates on some things :
1. The fireplace insert has worked out just great, our home is all electric Stush said our electric bill was 250.00 for one month...after a month of having the fireplace insert in and that includes the days of zero temps and below, the bill was 56.00!!! What a savings huh?
2. I'm going to go back to commenting to you on my blog comment section, I know some of you have asked questions and I always forget to write them down so I'll be doing that, I don't want you to think I'm being rude...just forgetting:)
Have a wonderful day everyone!

Now don't forget to check back because I will be commenting on my comment column to you:0

UPDATE...I'm having trouble leaving a comment on some blogs, the verification letters won't come up, just wanted you to know that's why I havn't been on:0

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Leslie and Janene posted their first attempts at doing stitcherys so I thought I'd post mine for todays post.
The first pic is of my very first sampler, I even made the pattern up back then but I only used 2 strands of DMC because I just didn't know that you could use 3 to make the stitching stand out more plus I cross stitched and that is what I'd always used. I'm glad I kept it because it shows me that I have improved somewhat:) This one I did use a pattern and I'm sorry but I can't remember where I got it from...all the samplers I did here I did in the early 90's.

These next two are hung by my corner cabinet!
This one is one of the very few that I did in the 1 over 2 ...it's very hard on the my eyes
but I do love how they look. I had this one professionally framed that's when I was working:) I remember I got the pattern from the Good Housekeeping magazine. I keep it out all year too!

This one I drew from a picture in an old Country Living magazine, the lady's home was so prim:) I also had this one framed.

This is one from another old Country Sampler that I drew from a picture. I had put it another frame and glued it so when I went to change it to a black frame it tore...maybe from age? I didn't have the heart to throw it out so I framed it anyway and used black, checked homespun to put it on.
Some of these samplers, I forget which ones were made from Nick's white shirts that he wore when he worked at Ruby Tuesday's as a waiter for 5 years. They would get stained so he was always buying new ones and I'd use them for my samplers:)
I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my samplers, I have alot more and some I've sold but I guess stitching is my thing:)

Now here is a rabbit that I had coffee stained last spring, do you think I should paint it black and sand and bake him?

Thank you to all that commented on my last post about my prim shopping trip with Rhonda:) I wish you all could have been with us:)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

~ Meeting New Friends is the Neatest Thing ~

"The better part of one's life consists of his friendships." - Abraham Lincoln

How is everyone today? I cleaned today after I came home from getting the girls off to school...I wanted to do that before I sat down to the computer. Now I'm washing clothes for Chris so while they are washing and drying I'll post about the great day I had yesterday:

This is Rhonda and I on the porch at The Rusty Angel...it's located at 409 S. Maple Ave. Greensburg Pa. and Rhonda took me there to shop and drool:) You all would just love it ladies a very prim/colonial shop!

Rhonda and I, of course met thur ours blogs and emailing each other saying how we both are addicted to prims so we finally met at The Country Store in Belle Vernon, Rhonda said she needed to buy more homespun and I wanted to get some too...it's only $3.00 a yd there:)

We looked around there for a bit and bought our homespun but I was saving my $$ for The Rusty Tin Angel.lol

First though here is a pic of what Rhonda made for me...isn't it beautiful ? I put my pins and needles in it last night I couldn't wait:)...she is so talented she even did the bead work on it. I love it Rhonda so very nice of you to think of me like that, I'll use it every day.
Here is the outside of the Rusty Angel, I just love the sign.

I loved this wheelbarrow so very prim:)

Now I'll be honest I took these pics without asking:), these next to pics are upstairs, you can see some blankets and pillows plus shelves of linens. Look at the make-do chair...it was 20% off and I still couldn't afford it:) it was nice to finally see one though I've only seen them in magazines and on ebay. The headboard of the bed is black and you can see a felted heart hanging on the post, I have to make myself one of those to hang on my headboard.

The sampler on the wall there was priced at $550.00 it has wool on it too...the valences had stars on them but they didn't show up very well. The chandeliers were hanging all over the room, what a prim site that was:0

Every room was prim/colonial heaven and will I go back? You bet... sometimes it's just nice to look at all the furniture and dream:)
I 'll show you what I did buy... I've always wanted one for years and when Rhonda picked it up and showed me I knew that's what I was getting, it has a grubby candle in it, right now it's on my hoosier door but I've been hinting that I want a tall jelly cupboard for the livingroom so hopefully soon I'll get one, maybe for my birthday? :)

Here's a package that I didn't show Stush, he just wouldn't get it if you know what I mean, I call it Prairie Grass, yes I said that I bought grass.lol On the package it says old time Easter grass but I've seen this on ebay and you can use it in your bowls with different fixens:) Stush would have said that I could have my pick of grass on the 2 acres we have!

This store had the best grunged up eggs, I bought the aqua ones look how grunged up they are.

In this pic they look alot darker but they are really an agua shade and I just love them:)

Last is the homespun that I bought at the Country Store, I don't know what I'll do with it but thought maybe I'd like to try some curtains on a string or wire? It's beige and black.

I had a wonderful, fun time with Rhonda a very nice prim friend, I'm so thankful that we got to meet and share our love of prims and the blog world:)

Monday, February 16, 2009

~Blue Wishful Shopping~

Well, it's Monday...some people love Monday's but I'm not one of them:) It seems if anything is going to go wrong for me it's always on a Monday! Blue Monday, I'm a much better person on Wednesday, over the hump day, and right on thur the week end.
So since it's Monday I've been doing some wishful shopping :) sort of makes me feel better on this dreary day.

Don't you just love these blue, ticking star pillows? Oh, to put them in a old basket or tuck them in my hoosier. sigh!!!

You know whenever I think of buying a new covering for my bed I always think quilt,quilt,quilt...well what about a nice prim blanket? My choice would be the black one the last one on the right.:) I'm seriously thinking about this one ladies!

Are these to die for or what? So darn neat and prim colonial, if there is such a word:) I would put these right on the storage bench Michele bought me for Christmas which is right next to my computur and I could just sit and stare at them:)

I have wanted one of these blue, graniteware soapholders since the 80's just have never come across them in all my travels! I put it in my kitchen right by the sink and I'd put one of these....

blueberry soaps in it, I already have the ticking and I'd hang it from the cupboard! I'm ordering one of these...I've never seen the blue like this before and I have to have it!!!

Wasn't that fun just to dream a little about having some of these adorable things to decorate our homes with?
All of the items are from Farmhouse Primitives...if you would like to shop just go to my sidebar and at the very top click on the pic and it will take you right to their website...have fun!

On the menu today...spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread, I'm craving it:)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

♥ Happy ~♥~ Day ♥

Happy Valentine's Day to all my followers, lurkers, and the special friends I have made since starting my blog in March of 08! I'm so glad that I took that step to do this, it has been such a wonderful experience!
Here is what my granddaughters sent me for Valentines Day...tulips...just love them;) Flowers certainly make a room don't they?
I put the heart sampler next to them.

Stush and I are going to dinner this evening with friends, he had asked me if I wanted flowers, candy or dinner out...of course I picked dinner:) Love flowers though but the candy doesn't get ate by me... he eats it all:) For him...I made breakfast in bed for him plus a card, believe me this was special for him because I don't really like to cook anything.lol I know I'm odd I'd rather clean.
Have a great one guys!

Friday, February 13, 2009

♥ My Blues ♥

I bet you thought I was talking about me? lol Know I'm feeling better today, I guess I just let situations get me down but I have been doing some searching on the internet. The only thing that bothers me is there hasn't been enough time go by for to know if the bioidentical hormones are really safe.
Well, enough about that I have alot of pics to share so I don't want to keep on talking:)

I wanted to post today about the blues that I'm starting to put back into my decorating...the first one though is Samantha with her blue eyes, she got a hold of my camara and took a pic of herself...so innocent and beautiful all rolled into one! The first is a pic of my desk and blue chair with a really old quilt I found at the fleamarket on the ground...there is a date sewn on it of 1891 and the price was $10.00.
This basket I bought at JoAnn's, it had a house on the front which I took off then painted and stained it, love how it turned out!

I'm slowly but surely incorporating some blue back into the livingroom, kitchen and keepingroom...these are some blue canning jars above my kitchen cabinets.

This pegrack is in my guestroom...the baby Amish dress I've had for a long time.

The blue bowl I found on ebay and the wood America plate is a darker blue
...These are all in my dry sink.

My blue banded jug lamp a steal at $2.00!

A blue handled rolling pin, you don't see these to much and I've always loved it!

The blue clock in the keeping room goes well with the top of the stacking boxes:)

This is the top of my drysink and the sampler I made I put in a thingy that I got at the fleamarket, the guy said it had something to do with sheep, who know;) it's a neat shade of blue though.

My prairie doll that I brought out of the guest bedroom and put in an antique wicker youth chair her tag says...Faith a Prairie Doll.

Oh, the couch which is very comfortable I have no complaints there, I just wish I had chosen a neutral color but at the time I was thrilled with the blue denim:)

Well, that's all ladies I'm off to the post office to mail a package that needs mailed before tomorrow:
Have a wonderful Friday (TGIF) and great weekend:)