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Thursday, June 12, 2008

~Flower Boxes~

It's been a really nice day out today so we have been outside most of it. I of course grabbed my camara and thought I take a few closeups:) This is out in the front of our home, I know in a recent post the pictures I took you couldn't see everything very well so this one shows a closeup of the sign I made also the beehive birdhouse that I found at BigLots so far it's holding up well with the weather.
Most prim bloggers have an old window.....I have had one but just don't know what to do with most of the time, I have had it sitting outside for the past couple years. I took it out of garbage on a curb, spotted it and figured I can slide it in the trunk but boy was I surprised when I tried to lift it, it was so heavy! One side is this chippy, white paint and the other side is sort of a hunter green, it's actually taken from a garage of my brother-in-laws parents old home. I new and remember Paul and Mary so it does hold some memories. This BTW is on the other side of the tree.
I found these flower boxes at a yard sale last summer....small one for 1.00 & larger one for 2.00 brackets included:) They where white so we decided to paint them barnred to match the front door. I planted flowers yesterday in them, I hope they do well, it's my first time with flower boxes and also with petunias and every time I see them I think of mom she always planted them.
Yes that's me LOL...... Im trying to find the right button....electronics and I always fight each other a constant battle but I figure it's my age if I had been taught in grade school like they do now I'd be a whiz at it gee, I didn't even have it in highschool:) I'll try to be back tomorrow.


  1. So cute... I love the bench in front of your window. Keep us posted on the flowers.

  2. I love your beehive birdhouse! And I'm always a sucker for windowpanes! And I'm the same way with electronics, my 4 year old seems to know he way around them better than I sometimes. :)

  3. Rondell,

    I LOVE your beehive birdhouse too! I have been looking for something just like that for my sunporch. So you say you got it at Big Lots? We have one about 45 minutes away. I wonder if they would have one. How long ago did you find it?

    And your old window looks good there!

    You've got everything looking so welcoming!

    ~ Tammy

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  5. I love your yard!!! Your birdhouse is adorable I never find anything like this at my Big Lots. I can't wait to add more things to mine. I know it takes time but I like everything to look perfect now!!lol....Have a great day!!~Wendy

  6. I like your little window area. Very cute. And the beehive thing is neat! I love Big Lots but we don't go there as often as we used to.

    Petunias are pretty hardy! They'll need watered but they love the sun, so they're much easier to deal with than many other annuals :) Oh, and remember to deadhead and they'll look beautiful for a long time :) My MIL complains about how crappy they get and they stop blooming and all of that, so I had to teach her last year how to care for petunias. She doesn't bother with it, so I deadhead when I go up there to visit! LOL

    Have a great day!

  7. I love the picture of you in the picture. We have a picture of my Grandma like that. She was standing in front of a mirror taking a picture of our family. She got the top of our heads and her taking our picture. We LOVE that picture. It is a family treasure!! have a great weekend. Julie

  8. i love the beehive !! i want one!! lol
    hugs, kim


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