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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

~Flowers Everywhere~

Good morning!
Looks like the 90's and higher are over for a while will still be in the 80's today but with storms likely. I hurried outside this morning to take some pictures of my flowers for you, this 1st picture is right outside my window where my computer is in the diningroom, it is some sort of lilly and very hardy.... I love looking at it while I'm on here:)just a simple pleasure I guess! We bought it two summers ago when we were first married.

I love this chair because no matter what style you are shabby or prim it goes, I purchased it at an antique fair for $8.00 and the little sign also for $1.00, the basket at Goodwill for .25 and I painted it black. I did buy a garden book last year for .25 at a yardsale and it said for containers with flowers should be watered everday, I sure hope these petunias last the summer this is my first year for them:) This year I decided to put some flowers on the chairs, don't they just look so old fashioned? Doesn't take much to make me happy:)


I just love how these pictures turned out looks like they could be on a calender or cards, well at least to me:) I think for Christmas I'm going to ask Santa for a more advanced camera....I can't believe I even typed about Christmas LOL Sorry! Have a great day and all of you that are suffering with the bad storms and flooding my prayers are with you!


  1. Flowers make me happy, too--espcially if I can keep them alive!! I always go for petunias--somehow I can keep them thriving!! have a great day. Julie

  2. We are cooling down as well!!YES! I love your flowers on all your chairs!! And petunias are a very easy flower I plant them every year and have never had them do bad!! Great job don't you just love color along with the lush green?!!! Have a great day!~Wendy

  3. I love flowers also. I have never had luck with petunias they always get leggy. I tried salvias this year. Guess I'll wait and see what happens.


  4. We are cooking here in AZ, too. It was 90* by 8:30 this morning. UGH!
    Your flowers are very pretty. I love the Lily. All the pictures are so pretty!

  5. I do love the flowers on your chairs! Flowers are so cheerful and I do love them....that's why I try it all over again every year. I think I'm going to TRY one container of petunias this year...this time by my backdoor. Maybe we'll both have some luck with them!

    And your pictures did turn out good!

    ~ Tammy

  6. I agree! I think those photo's are great ! So much fun to look at.

    hugs, Linda

  7. Everything looks so pretty. I especially love that old painted chair. Its perfect.

    ... I'm glad I'm not the only one already thinking about Christmas! LOL



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