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Monday, June 9, 2008

~Nicole Richie:)~

Yesterday Stush and I went to get more flowers!!! I just have so many places to put flowers and over the years I've collected quite a few containers to fill. I spent all morning doing that then my DH and I took a dip in the pool... it was so hot!!! I think today hit 95! I'd work a little then come into the AC then go back out to fill another container:) I'll take pictures to show tomorrow morning I think the flowers look so pretty in the morning don't you?
Also went to Michele's to swim, this is my oldest grandaughter wearing her Hannah Montana sunglasses which she never takes off, notice those two missing front teeth, I told her she looked like Nicole Richie.LOL She's a sweety and likes for her Grammy to play games with her in the pool. By the way her real name is Sydney:)

This one is my youngest grand baby, her name is Samantha Rondell, yep her middle name is mine and she has the prettiest blue eyes but do you think she'd open them for me? She also calls the swimmies (on her arms) muscles... isn't that cute?This Saturday we are having her birthday pool party she's 3! They wanted to have their pictures on Grammy's blog, I'll show them tomorrow when I watch them, they will be happy, they get such a thrill out of seeing theirselves on here.

I also wanted to mention things...stuff that I'll be selling on here, I'm just trying to decide if I should do another blog like one blogger mentioned to do and also how to really do it all, by that I mean shipping and handling how to do an invoice...stuff like that! Right now it's confusing but hey....I blog now and I know a heck of alot more than when I first started doing all this:) A big thank you to Leslie http://sweets-mycountryhome.blogspot.com/ for taking the time to explain the html verses the compose...I think I figured it out, oh and thanks to all that commented about names for this little on line business they were fantastic and out of them all I never even came up with any of them myself. LOL I'll be back tomorrow!!!


  1. Hey Rondell,

    Your grandaughters are just adorable! Tell them I am going to show their picture to Joy. She loves seeing her picture on there too and loves seeing other little girls too!

    Oh, and I LOVE the sunglasses!

    Looks like they were really enjoying the pool!

    Keep us posted on the selling thing...I think it's great!

    ~ Tammy

  2. I will Tammy, just a little stressed about it:)

    blessings Rondell

  3. Hi, Rondell --

    I see that you've dropped in a bit over at my place and I'm glad to finally return the favor :)

    Your granddaughters are ADORABLE! )I'll bet they really love their time with you...

    Best of luck with your budding business!

  4. They do Colleen, I try to make my time with them fun, I want them to remember as fun! I never had grandparents so I really love it.

    Blessings Rondell

  5. Happy Birthday to Samantha! When is her birthday? My little baby boy turns 1 tomorrow! :) The pool looks nice and cool! I'm sure the girls have so much fun with grandma!

  6. Rondell,

    Joy says to tell Sydney & Samantha that she thinks they're pretty and she'd LOVE to meet them! (And believe me she would....she's a social butterfly...she'd strike up a conversation with them in a minute!)

    Thanks for your sweet comments about Joy!

    ~ Tammy

  7. What cutie pie's! I can't wait to be a grammy someday and spoil them rotten! LOL

    Good luck on your new venture!!

    hugs, Linda

  8. Linda, when it happens you will love it, they are so much fun because they aren't yours.

    Tammy, Sydney is too her and Joy would get along so well.

    blessings Rondell

  9. Rondell,
    I'm glad that my little tips helped! It took me awhile to get it, too and I soon realized that that Compose tabe just STINKS! It's not helpful at all!

    Great pics of your granddaughters, too :) I like Samantha's "muscles"! LOL What is it with little ones and their muscles. Af is like all skin and bones but she SWEARS she has big muscles and they continue to grow every day! LOL

    I wish my kids had grandparents that thought the way you do, Rondell. My kids have four sets of grands and they're often "too busy" to spend time with them. My MIL will say that she put her time in...meaning she raised her kids. My Mom is always working....Jer's step mom whines that it's too hard to take care of two...they're 9 and 5....like they need a lot of help?! Aften takes care of herself mostly, she's VERY independant! I don't "bother" them a lot. I take care of my kiddos on my own. They spend time with the kids when they feel like it....:(

    Good luck agian with your little venture!

  10. She is adorable, Rondell! I loved the title of this post, haha! :o) What a blessing to have such a sweet granddaughter...and a blessing to Sydney to have such a great grandmother!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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