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Saturday, June 28, 2008

~I Won Again~

Isn't it funny how things happen? I do have a sewing machine that I've had since the 80's and did sew crafts and curtains but just haven't really touched that machine since the 90's! Yikes!!!
My mother was a wonderful sewer made all my clothes, curtains for my bedroom when I was home and the curtains always matched the vanity skirt:) Funny how you remember those things, oh and I remember the vanity too...she made it out of a board covered it in (white) contact paper and used brackets to place the board on then attached the vanity skirt.:) I remember in my teens putting on makeup there. Well, for the past couple weeks I've been thinking about that machine that is in the basement...don't even no if it works, but maybe winning this giveaway from Ann-Marie will give me the boost that I need:) We have a wedding to go to in July and I've been looking for a simple black dress, sleeveless sort of like the ones they were in the 60"s? Do you think I can find any like that? NOT! I sure wish mom were here, I only had to show her a picture from the Seventeen magazine that I wanted and she would have had it made by the time I got home from school! God bless her, I used to hate trying on the things she made me so she could trim the armholes or measure for a hem:) My sister is also a great sewer so maybe I'm just a bit intimidated LOL.
Thanks Ann-Marie....you just might have did me a favor!!!
P.S. Then I see what Leslie does with her sewing machine and I want to do the same so I should just get that machine up here and start:) I'll be waiting Ann-Marie...thanks so much!


  1. As soon as I get your address it's in the mail. Email me at annkiraly at bellsouth dot net .

    Your very welcome , hope you drag out and dust off that machine.

  2. Congratulations, Rondell! Reason to bring out the old sewing machine! I wish I was talented in that department...but I'm surely NOT!

    Have a great week!

  3. Congrats ~ I love winning things, which isnt very often at all!!

  4. Rondell! you're word linking in your posts. Yeah! I did try to link to see what you won but the period is missing between the blog name and "blogspot". Leslie's is working though. I knew you could do it. :)

    I drag out my machine now and then. I'm a pretty basic sewer but find it relaxing and it's fun to make something by yourself. I wish I could make clothes and stuff but I doubt it. My Mom and I were just discussing sewing machines this evening and I was whining (again) about not having a designated area for mine. I think I'd use it more if I did.

    Hope you bring yours out from the basement. I think you'll be glad you did.


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