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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

Time for "Whatcha Workin on Wednesday" at Leslie's!http://sweets-mycountryhome.blogspot.com/ (one of these days I'll get time to learn what Leslie was so kind to post on her blog about just useing the name but until then:)
This is a mirror I found at the fleamarket last year for $3.00...cute but very 80's to me, well I needed a mirror and to be honest I painted it to go in my bedroom but when I finally finished it today and brought it in and looked at my mantel and I knew this was the place for it! I also redecorated the mantel with some other prim things...I think this is what has been wrong with me and my prim decorating, I need to move things around and from room to room, I do like the cottage, vintage look but truthfully doing it would be alot of work...like painting furniture and new linens and such. I just can't do that now, not to cheaply either. The other day I stopped at Target to look at their Shabby Chic line and it was more expensive then any other linen there, so I think I'll stay Country Prim, maybe Vintage is down the road for me in the near future but just not now:) BTW I think I'll stay with my wonderful prim friends!!!
Here is a closer look, I think it turned out neat, oh and the wood watermelon slice I found for .59...I've been looking for one on Ebay and found it alot cheaper at Goodwill!

It's alot darker then what the camera is showing. Well, I'm off to paint something else and I'll post that next Wednesday:)


  1. Your Mantel looks great! I am a primitive girl all the way, no other style will work for me. I can appriciate the vintage shabby look, but prim just makes me feel cozy and comfortable. I added ya to my favs!

  2. God Bless the can of spray paint!

    I have been looking a pained watermelons too but all the ones at my thrift shops are cheap looking, ceramic, or just plain terrible.

  3. Your mantel is great!!! Your right every now and then we just need to go "shopping" in our homes!!! Thanks for sharing!!~Wendy

  4. Hi Rondell, the mirror was cute before but even better black. A can of black spray paint is a wonderful thing! I'm going to participate in Leslie's "WWW" project but will post later today.
    ps. speaking of Leslie, I saw her post on helping you with the word linking. I mentioned in her comments that there is an easy way to do without messing with the HTML. I learned how by trial and error.
    Hopefully I can explain it right.

    In your post, click and highlight the word you want linked. eg: Leslie
    On the tool bar above where you type your post is a button called "link". Click on this and it will bring up a little blogger window with a question mark and a space that says http:// then a space for an address. Now you can either delete the http:// part and then copy and paste the address you want to link to or just type in the address. Make sure http:// is only at the beginning once. Once you have the address in correctly, just hit "ok". The word that you chose to highlight should then appear in your post with an underline. This means that it's linked.
    Important: make sure that when you go to highlight the word you want linked, that there is a space after it. If not, and you continue to type you'll end up with an underline under everything and it'll all link. I usually type the post, then go back to do the linking part so this doesn't happen.
    If you need more help or can't understand what the heck I've written LOL, feel free to email me.

  5. Your mantel looks great, Rondell! I love the mirror! It just made a great difference with a coat of paint!

    Love the watermelon slice too! I haven't been real fortunate at finding things at Goodwill, but I'm not giving up! :)

    The way Shirlee told you to do the name with the link is the way Linda taught me to do it too. It's really easy..if I can do it..I know you can!

    ~ Tammy

  6. Rondell LOVE the mantel... I don't have any watermelons at my house, but I think I might need some now. I always shop in other rooms of my house when I'm decorating. I also put some things away and then pull them out later when I go looking for something else I've forgotten about.


  7. let's see - do I like it the checks or the black?? LOL of course it looks great in black! The mantle looks really nice now.

    hugs, Linda

  8. Oooo...I love how your mirror turned out! It's much better now!:)

    Your mantle looks great. I am a prim girl, too. Although most would say my house is decorated in mid-century thrift shop or early depression, I love all the old stuff. I only wish I had an old house to put it all in!!
    Lucky fund with that watermelon!

  9. Rondell,
    You really are falling in love with black painted items :) I'm getting to be the same way!

    I thought my eyes were failing me. Maybe it was too early? The before photo makes the frame look like it was textured but now I see it was just paint :)

    Prim can be a little mix of Shabby...like if you like the rustic, paint peeling look. You can do white distressed items but with Prim, you tend to rub with stain to get that grungy look, too. Shabby Chic is another fav of mine even though I'm not a huge fan of pastels. I would love to Af's room in a very shabby chic look but she's just not that into that. She likes her bright colors, too. So I settled for white furniture! LOL

    And you may do better with Shirlee's suggestion for the link code. I learned to do it my way and it just seems quicker to me since I stay on the Edit Html tab, too much clicking for me!

    Linda, the checks could work, too...the white just needed to be more tan or cream...I bet some gel stain would have worked great and then seal!

    Ann-Marie, can you paint? You can buy up those crappy looking watermelons and repaint them. I have done that a few times with the Dollar Store ceremics! They don't have to be really detailed or anything....

  10. I love your mantel. The mirror is great too. I have gone between a couple different stlyes- southern, modern and back to country prim. I think thats where its at for me! Its very home and warm.
    Have a great day,

  11. Oh my- I love the watermelon slice! I know you said you bought it but do you mind if I copy that idea? I think a slice would look so cute out on my porch for the summer!
    Shayne Louree


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