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Thursday, June 26, 2008

~Let Me Know~

I was updating my Favs on my blog and accidently erased all of them, if I did have you listed and you don't see your blog there now please leave a comment and I'll list it. Sorry just can't remember them all and I know the other day I exchanged links with a really nice lady and can't remember who:) So leave me a comment okay?


  1. I don't know if you had me listed but I visit you daily!!!

  2. Feel wecome to add mine..I love to have visitors! Enjoying your blog as well! cindy

    The Gathering Room

  3. Oh, I forgot to answer your question about pumpkins, they need 120 days to bear fruit so if you will have that many HOT days to get fruit off the plant then go ahead and try planting them. I do sugar pumpkins for cooking, although last year (if you scroll back thru my blog) I had giant ones. Good luck with the garden!!!

  4. Hi Rondell - Feel free to add my blog. I love yours, hugs, Linda

  5. HI rondell thanks again for leaving a comment.Could you please help me with the award you gave me i was sooo pleased.I just feel a bit daft not knowing what to do.But i am not going to give up,i will keep soldiering on.Hopefully the sun will shine on sunday and i can go to the car boot sale and take some pictures to let you see what goes on,Fingers X.Blessing. kate

  6. I need you to put me back on the list too!:0)

  7. Hi Rondell! Just want to let you know that you're posting so often that you're making me look bad! LOL

    Every time I read one of your posts I think to myself: "Self, you need to work on your own blog rather than reading Rondell's." And then I ignore myself, as usual. tee hee

    Pam/Antique or Not


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