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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~A Little of This and That~

Hi everyone,
It's late but I've been trying all day to post but blogger wouldn't let me post pics, believe me this post would have been up this morning but just couldn't get any pics loaded and what's a post without pics?:)
Anyway, I wanted to post my youngest grandaughter's picture it was her birthday party last Saturday and they always want to see their pics on grammy's post. Samantha Rondell is 3 and as of right now she loves Dora so that is what her cake theme was. Her coloring reminds me so much of my mother's... dark hair and blue eyes, isn't God amazing? Mom's been gone for 6 years
but here is this little one with her coloring! Here is the Dora cake!
These here are pics, my daughter gets their pictures
taken for every birthday. She is so adorable.. I love
each and everyone of grandaughters.

Now on to what I have been doing....remember in another post I had these wicker chairs wrapped in patriotic fabric? Well, at Walmart I found this navy check gingham for $2.00 a yard with 20 percent off so I grabbed some...then the pillows are the same that I had I just covered them with 2 red gingham napkins, also from Walmart, I just hot glued two napkins together over top the pillows I already had all for the cost of $2.00 a piece!!!

The pillow on the rocking chair was on sale for $7.00!

As you can tell I took the country blue tablecloth off and refreshed the table with white paint...Stush got the table from the college when the remodeled, it is heavy and all metal, I wouldn't have any other table...when I think of all the college students that have sat at this table talking and laughing, studying and eating I just smile!

The tray is the patrotic one painted white. The three glass vases are also from Walmart and the silk flowers .99 also from Walmart. I'm having so much fun these days!
P.S. I wanted to say that I do really try to answer all comments. I like to go to that person's blog and anwer because I feel that is the way they know that I'm aware that they commemted on my blog, it might take me a few days to get around to everyone but I guess I just wanted you to know how I go about answering you! Thanks for all your wonderful comments and to all you great lurkers I appreciate you too!


  1. Rondell,
    Great idea with the napkins covering your pillow! Very thrifty! And you navy checked fabric is great on the cushion! My two favorite colors together!

    Samantha is so pretty...I can't wait to show Joy her picture in the morning. (She's asleep now). I know you're a proud grandma and isn't God good to give you a little version of your mom to love?

    I really enjoy your blog!

  2. Great idea!! I love how it looks so summery and Your granddaughter is so adorable!! Have a great rest of your week!~Wendy

  3. Hi Rondell Samantha is a little cutie,don't you just want to hug them and kiss them, When i see Ellis now i do that but he is getting the look oh grandma get of, thats boys for you.Great idea with the cushions, i love gingham its so fresh.Today here in the north east we have sunshine at last summer is on the way.Have a great day.hugs kate

  4. Samantha is an angel. Pretty as a doll.

    You did a wonderful job with those pillows! Wow ~ I love them! So fresh and pretty.


  5. What a little cutey!!! Love your makeover. I went to Walmart yesterday too and got some fabric for my Christmas goodies I'm working on. I always look on the clearance table though. Awesome thought on the towels... here's a question how do you wash them? Being outside I would think they'd get extra dirty.

  6. Your granddaughter is a cutie! Happy belated birthday to her! I love all the americana touches you are doing outside!

  7. Hi Rondell thank you for your comments on my bedroom. I got my quilt from QVC, on clearance for 37.00!!! Have a great day!!~Wendy

  8. Nice makeovers :)

    Happy Birthday, Samantha :) Such a cutie!


  9. Your grand daughter is adorable! I can imagine her thrill at seeing herself on the Internet! What a joy!

    hugs, Linda

  10. Cute chairs--very creative. Beautiful granddaughter, too. Thanks for sharing. Julie


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