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Monday, June 16, 2008

~Starting the Cottage, Vintage Look~

Rainy here and can't do anymore spray painting, seems that's all I do is spray paint...but I love doing it, love seeing an object go from one look to another just by using paint! This is one project I did get done yesterday, remember I posted this in a earlier post? The table I found at a yard sale for a $1.00 and it was redwood, Stush power washed it and I just didn't get around to painting it until yesterday afternoon. This is how it came out: Love it! It sort of came out like a pickled finish, the paint just wouldn't cover it very much and so the more I looked at it the more I liked it:) that's the look I'm going for sort of a Cottage, Vintage look.
The shabby chic tin flower container I of course found at a yard sale last summer and got it for a $1.00 (must have loved it back then but didn't know it) the two, small ceramic containers I bought at Lowe's and they were a bright yellow soooo I spray painted them white, they turned out so cute (BTW I'm using gloss paint) the plants in them are called succulent plants and require no upkeep at all it seems. The ball jar I had and I have two tea lights in them darn, I should have lit them, I always forget to do that.:)
I have another before and after for tomorrow's post, see you then!
P.S. I forgot to mention in my Father's Day post that my son (who looks like my dad) is named after him...Michale...all his friends call him Mike but not his mom to me he is Michale:)


  1. Your sons sound like wonderful men--thanks for sharing. Julie

  2. I spent the weekend spray painting, and it's something I haven't done in years! You're right, it really was fun seeing the transformation! I hope to post my project soon!!!

  3. Your sons sound wonderful! So much fun on your projects!

    kari & kijsa

  4. Spray paint...lol. When I would be buying yet another can or two or three at Wal-Mart and the little thing would come up asking if I was 18, I often waited for them to say that I have bought my limit for the month! LOL It's been awhile since I bought spray paint but man, it seemed like every time I went to the store, I bought at least another can. The stuff just comes in handy!

    Nice little make-over of your table :) It looks rustic :)

  5. Thank you ! I thought I was the only one addicted to spray paint. I think the people at Walmart must really be wondering?? It's just fast and can change up a whole look. Nice to meet you, Susie H

  6. Your makeover looks great!! It's nice to change things around from time to time! Paint can do wonders!

  7. Rondell,

    I like the look of your "pickled" table too! Sometimes the best things happen when they don't turn out as expected! I like the tin flower container too!

    By the way, if I didn't tell you yesterday, I meant to....your son looks exactly like your dad! I scrolled the picture down and couldn't believe it! You definitely nmed him right! You have handsome sons, that's for sure!

    Have great Tuesday, Rondell!

  8. How pretty! I love the cottage look and it struggles with my primitive side. Guess I just need 2 houses so I can do both! I'll have to discuss that with my husband tomorrow.



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