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Thursday, June 19, 2008

~ A Meme~

Good morining everyone!
We have been having cooler tempertures here the last few days, the AC hasn't been on for days and yesterday all the windows were closed it only hit 64* so as night drew near it was darn chillyLOL.
I've been visiting blogs and when I arrived on Country Girl at Home I realized I had been tagged to do a meme, this is Tammy's link http://countrygirlathome.blogspot.com/
so here goes, I was asked to name 5 things that I do for myself:
1. I do get my hair colored and highlighted every month....just
did that yesterday BTW:) Also get the fingernails & toenails
done. Also wear make-up everyday DH loves it!
2. Go to fleamarkets, thrift stores and yard sales to find decor
for my home..... this just relaxes me!
3. Visit with my grandaughter's.....this does me a world of good
to be able to get their hugs & kisses.
4. Exercise! Love to do this for myself, although haven't been
able to in a while because of my knee.
5. Belong to the library I love to read and also love my magazine
that I buy to much of:)

Name 5 kind things I do for friends, my children or partner:
1. Watch my grandaughters so that my son-in-law can golf on
2. Wash my youngest's clothes, when he brings them the
basket is always over flowing:)
3. When ever I see my kids or grandaughters I always have
have a smile on my face when first they see me.
4. Get the Sunday paper at the end of the driveway so Dh
doesn't have to....and this is in all kind of weather guys:)
5. I also pray for my love ones and those that aren't with us

Name 5 kind things I've done for a strangers:

1. Hold open doors ( although some college students need to
brush up on their manners:)
2. Smile and be kind to sales associates...they can't help prices
are so high. Believe me I've walked in their shoes!
3. Say thank you to waitresses and tip....sometimes this could
mean milk & cereal for their kids.
4. Talk to senior citizens, some are just lonely.
5. Gave money to the guy in the car ahead of me because he
didn't have enough at the toll booth.

Name 5 hobbies I enjoy:

1. Decorating my home....although right at this very moment
I'm in love with two different styles and really confused.LOL
2. Love to read...anything
3. Painting furniture and "stuff."
4. Taking pictures....I just realized this when I first started to
5. Blogging and visiting other wonderful blogs!!!

Tag 5 people to do the same but only if you want to:)

1. http://gettysburghomestead.blogspot.com/ (Mary)
2. http://thissimplelifeofmine.blogspot.com/ (Ann-Marie
3. http://pinetreesonthemoor.blogspot.com/ (Kate)
4. http://simple-needs.blogspot.com/(Kim)
5. http://fortheloveofprims.blogspot.com/ (Sandy)

Thanks everyone! I know sometimes we are busy and just don't have the extra time to do these meme's but I always do them because quite simply they keep us in touch with each other and let all our friends no a little bit about us, I also do it because it helps out the person who tagged me.
You don't have to post it right away either, have a wonderful day the sun is finally out here!


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me.! I have never done this so I'll do it for tomorrows blog. This will be so fun!!!!

  2. P.S. for some weird reason your comment disappeared off my post... I didn't delete it on purpose :-)

  3. I think I could have guessed that you would do all those nice things for others! You seem like such a sweet person...bless you!

    HAve a great day! :)

  4. Rondell,

    I knew you were a sweet person...I couldn't wait to see your answers, so it didn't surprise me...you're so thoughtful! I bet you're a fantastic grandma! And I love how you talk to senior citizens! They are just slower paced people enjoying simple things...and are so interesting, aren't they?

    Thanks for participating! You answered to quickly!

    ~ Tammy

  5. I can tell you are a sweet, sensitive lady--so glad to know more about you. Have a great day. Julie

  6. What a nice person you are...thanks for sharing...it was a nice read! Have a great weekend!

  7. What a great post...what a blessing!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa


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