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Friday, June 6, 2008

Hi again everyone! We just got back from getting groceries and stopping at two yardsales...just to hot to go to anymore so at least we got out of the house for a while:0
Here are the pictures of the pool I wanted to share with you these were taken
early this morning. I love it and on days like this it is wonderful! The 40's chairs were all given to
me so I painted them all
primary colors and just
this summer I repainted them, darn it how do you guys get your words around your pictures?
Everytime I hit Enter it moves the picture down arrrgh. Oh well. the next pic is my grandmother's rocking chair which my mom gave to me because I was named after her it is at least 100 years old and I've painted it every color over the years, creme, country blue, barnred and now white:) I've had fun with it and I'm sure my grandmother would have approved. That's just a red pipberry garland that I found at Goodwill for 1.79 and just put there for now!
This 3rd pic is of the wicker chair and table that was also given to us last year....I already had the patriotic fabric and just wrapped it around the cushions and the pillows I had got at a yardsale for 1.00 each, the picnic basket I had also found for 3.00. I also bought a tablecloth in the beginning of spring and now I can't find it....have you every did that? I've looked everywhere!

These are the chairs at the end of the pool, I just love the green one it's a rocker.

This is my centerpiece for the table, we ate out there yesterday evening it was so nice, just somethings from around the house I'm really learning how to make-do:)

My swing that I got two years ago...I love going out there in the early morning and having my coffee, I have to have a rug there I can't stand to feel cement under my bare feet:)

These chairs are on either side of the pool in the front by the porch, we have alot more of them but only bring them out when we have company.

The birdhouse I got at the Cracker Barrel, I love going in and seeing there stuff, some things are really nice reproductions and I really like their antiques where you eat.

Well I don't think I'll be doing Show & Tell this Friday just not enough time...I want to get outside!!!


  1. Rondell. I just love all of your chairs, rocking chair and most of all your swing.The swing reminds me of the swing they had on the waltons porch,a couple of years ago i bought one but with a stand as i don't have anywhere to hang one, like you i just love it but the weather here can still be chilly, so long as doesn't rain or fog come in from the north sea it is lovely to swing away and think. Your pool looks so inviting how nice it must be to get up and go for a swim pure bliss.And i am so pleased to be the first to post on you blog today.Will post some pictures over the weekend of the outside and views from my front room.Hugs kate

  2. Wow your pool area looks so inviting. I'm sure you spend a lot of time out there entertaining. All the chairs a just wonderful. I like that you painted them different colors. How you decorated your space just looks so great. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend@

  3. Rondell,

    I love how you have your outdoor decor! Your pool looks VERY inviting! And I really love your centerpiece!

    Oh, and I love your swing too! I think I just love it all!

    My grandma has chairs like yours. Hers are red. They will last forever, I think!

    Thanks so much for sharing your pool and outdoor decor!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Very nice! I love your vintage chairs and also your porch swing :) I have a swing but it's a cheapy from Wal-Mart. I wish I could hang one from the roof but it's not happening. I do want to get a nice wooden swing and put it on my frame, though.

    The picture problem....you're using the Compose tab when you type up a post, right? Switch to HTML, then you can place the photo code where you need it to be...If you want to type beside your picture, you upload the picture and pick RIGHT or LEFT and then paste that code before the text you want beside the photo. It's not as confusing as that probably sounds! LOL

    Have a great weekend!


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