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Sunday, June 15, 2008

~Happy Father's Day~

This is my son Michael, no he's not a dad yet:) Although he is old enough 33 years old but not married yet, as a matter a fact right now he is in Annapolis, Maryland... he has an interview tomorrow for a teaching position also his girlfriend just landed a speech pathologist job there soooo, I sure hate to see him move away but where he is teaching they just don't pay enough, he's a very conscientious teacher so I'd like to see him get paid for it. Just hate to see him go, it's only 4 hours away so at least I know he will be home on holidays or weekends.
The reason I showed you his picture is because he is the "picture" of my dad, same mouth, same eyes and yes, if he styled his hair in the 30's look, same hair although he has it covered here in the "cool" style.

My dad is in his 20's in this photo and I don't blame mom one bit for falling in love with him, I think he is quite handsome, mom told me once that they meant at a carnival on the ferris wheel, little did they know that WWII would seperate them four long years. He was a very hard working man and loved his garden, I think my love of vegetables is all because of him, he would explain to me how each vegetable was good for my body:) to this day I think the only vegetable I don't like is eggplant! I would give anything to eat his corn and tomatoes again....sigh. Love you dad.

This is my oldest son Nick, also a teacher, and his daughter Alex, if they gave awards for "Mr. Mom" he would be the winner, he loves her with all his heart, goes to church with her and Christine every Sunday and it just does a mother's heart good to see her son do so, teaches and comes home to take care of Alex. Oh, and did I mention that he is a high school football coach? He has a lot on his plate but takes care of everything responsibly and treats me with the highest respect, I love them all!


  1. Hi Rondell its so nice to see pictures of your sons,you must be so proud of them,I know what you mean about your vegetable garden, my dad always helped me in the garden and i miss him so much at this time of year,he passed away 11years ago this month, i would be out trying to help him and sugggest things to plant and we would have some rows,but everything i asked him to plant always came up even with the dogs and cats running through the plants even if they were in different places to where we planted them.I have posted some new pictures of the outside of my home hope you get a chance to look.This week i must meet up with my ex craft teacher and get some help with posting the pictures.Take Care Kate

  2. What a wonderful post about your family! I like learning more about my blogger friends :)You have/had amazing men in your lives :)

    Have a great day!

  3. What handsome sons! What a sweet post!

    hugs, Linda

  4. What beautiful boys you have! You know I'm partial to them. :) It's amazing the resemblance of your son and your dad! I hope you had a great weekend!

  5. what a great looking family you have...you are very blessed!


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